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My Password Protector and My Password Protector Lite

Encrypted password manager App for iPhone and iPad. AirDrop and Manage passwords in seconds using Touch ID and Face ID. Swipe to Copy. Print passwords and notes. Export passwords to other IOS devices with My Password Protector installed. Security focused. Encrypted with AES 256. Speak button to read the login and password to you when you have to type it in to another device (Apple TV).  Easy to read screens. Perfect for cord cutters who have so many media accounts! No emails or subscriptions required.
- AirDrop individual password or whole database for sharing and backup.
- Login with Touch ID and Face ID (when available on device).
- AES-256 Encryption for logon and all passwords.
- Quickly search all data including passwords and notes.
- Print to Air Print printers if you can use iOS print function in other apps.
- Date and time stamped.
- Text to speech.
- Large note section for account history.
- Settings for Touch ID & iCloud backup to keep all data with you.
- Does NOT share data with other apps like Safari or third parties.
- No email registrations. (note: Login can't be reset if you forget it.)
- No subscriptions required.
- Can copy and paste.
- Made to constrain passwords to personal IOS devices rather than cloud. Not intended for cloud sharing although it can be backed up to iCloud if you choose in settings.

- Send passwords and database by email or text

- "Swipe Right to Copy" for easier copy and paste.

- Available in US and Canada only

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IOS password App - My Password Protector for iPhones and iPads.
IOS password App - My Password Protector for iPhones and iPads.

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Password Safety

Popular password manager with face id. Secure encryption, backup and AirDrop for Apple devices.

Designing intuitive apps with productivity, ease of use, like popular password manager "My Password Protector" with  innovative AirDrop backup and sharing with Dark Mode and IOS 13 compatible.

Focus on Intuitive Use and High Functionality.

Export passwords

Password simplicity and security. Keeping your data local with AirDrop connectivity and local backup.

Securely Connecting You to Your Password Data

AirDrop Backup to IOS Devices and Macs. Face Id and Touch Id.

Manage Passwords with a user friendly,  smaller footprint to get you out of your device and on with your life.

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AirDrop Password Manager for IOS Devices with AES-256 Encryption, no subscriptions or enrollment!

Now new version 6.3 My Password Protector Password Manager now available on the App store! AirDrop password backup file to iOS devices including Mac Computers. Email to other devices for safe keeping. Encrypted AES-256 password protection featuring Touch ID, Face ID, Dark Mode, fast search and printing of passwords and notes.  Created to live on local devices, it has settings to prevent or allow iCloud backup and can even use text to speech to spell your password to you.